My name is Kristin-Annie & I am a 90's baby trying to make the world a more COLORFUL place. I am an ordinary girl using fashion and hair to express my self. My plan is to create another way for all of you to VIBE with me.


Being a hair stylist is my ultimate PASSION. Painting hair knocks my socks off, hence why I am a bad ass color specialist. I love helping people express their individuality && making them feel sexy & confident. Meet me once and best friends for life. Come sit in my chair and enjoy a complimentary consultation.


Born in MICHIGAN, temporary SPARTAN fan.





  1. I still plug my nose when I jump into water

  2. I love ice cream

  3. I do NOT have a middle name

  4. I still love talking on the phone (suck at texting)

  5. I replace swear words with "swear word"

  6. I am named after my aunts

  7. I  NEVER  miss an 11:11

  8. I eat Mexican food everyday

  9. I have 9 tattoos ( I think I'm done, maybe ill stop at 11)

  10. I traveled to Italy and fell in L O V E with their hot chocolate & fashion

  11. I am a mixed cocktail AKA Pisces 

151 N Main St.
Adrian, MI
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